Plant propagation

Most of the plants we grow cannot be bought or acquired from Danish nurseries. Each year, we purchase seeds from foreign collectors who travel in rugged areas where the plants grow naturally. We also buy plants on the Internet from specialized nurseries abroad. Specifically for growing bulbous and tuberous plants, propagation by seeds is a very lengthy process as it takes 5-10 years from when the seeds sprout until the plants are capable of blooming. We therefore buy bulbs and tubers whenever possible.

Greenhouse overview

As it is difficult to get new plants and as many of the plants only live few years, we use much effort to keep the plants we already have through various forms of propagation thriving.

The most important propagation method is plant setting. Each year, we collect seeds from many of our own plants and plant them together with the seeds we purchase from abroad. The advantage of this method is the fact that we often get many seedlings so that it is possible to experiment with the plants in various positions.

If the plants do not give seeds, such as many ligneous plants, we take off cuttings and put them in closed air. Another possibility is to divide some plants into several small plants with their roots on.

When it comes to bulbous and tuberous plants in pots, we propagate them by taking bulbs apart during the yearly repotting. We dig up the plants in the garden when we think they have an appropriate size and set some bulbs apart while we repot the rest.

Through various forms of propagation, we end up with some extra plants which we sell when the garden is open. We sell excess bulbs and tubers from a list which we prepare around 1 August each year. The list can be acquired per mail: [email protected]

Plant sales